For example see poly- , and hyper-/hypo- . pronoun – a word which acts instead of a noun – for illustration, you, me, it, this, that, and many others.

From Latin pro, ‘for, on behalf of’, and noun. proper noun – a title (i. e. , noun ) for a certain person or place or other entity, this kind of as a brandname or company, which ordinarily warrants a capitalized initially letter, for illustration, Rome, Caesar, Jesus, Scrabble, Texaco, etc. proto- – a prefix indicating 1st, as in prototype, from Greek protos, first. pseudepigrapha/pseudepigraph – literary or prepared will work which claim to have been developed by a noteworthy author, but which are generally phony, a great deal like an artwork painted in the fashion of a popular artist which include a forged signature. pseudo- a prefix , referring to a wrong or synthetic edition of anything, from Greek pseudes, untrue. The pseudo prefix is normally extra to all types of conditions to refer to a faux or imitation, especially a thing typically rather serious and properly-skilled, for illustration, pseudo-science, or pseudo-intellectual. pseudonym – an alternative name for a person or group, matter, etcetera. , adopted generally to avo – typically associated with criminals), nicknames (specially that are commonly used and identified), usernames, names of titled individuals or officials, monarchs, and popes, etcetera. Examples of pseudonyms are: John le CarrĂ©, George Orwell, Joseph Conrad, Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, Pope Francis I, C S Forester, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, Ellery Queen (really two authors using a one pseudonym), Elizabeth R, PelĂ©, George Eliot (essentially a female utilizing a male pseudonym), Terrifying Spice, Ayn Rand, etcetera.

There are 1000’s of them. A real title is known as a orthonym . writing custom Pseudonym is from Greek pseudes, that means wrong. pun – also known as paronomasia , a pun refers to a double-indicating, in which a term is used as a substitute of another far more naturally contextual word which has extremely equivalent or the exact sound, and may well or could not have diverse spelling, and which has various nonetheless linked which means. The popular quotation ‘Time flies like and arrow fruit flies like a banana’ attributes the pun on the word ‘flies’.

The quotation ‘A broken window is a pain’ functions the pun of ‘pain’ with window ‘pane’. Puns may possibly also characteristic additional than 1 term as the substitute and/or substituted words, for instance ‘If a leopard could cook would he ever adjust his pots?’ where by ‘his pots’ is punned with ‘his spots’. Puns might also entail phrases as well, for illustration ‘Cadaver market regulation – bodies are weak and absence teeth’ the place ‘bodies are weak and absence teeth’ refers each to decaying corpses and also to regulatory bodies lacking energy and authority.

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For additional examples see the puns and double-meanings collection . punctuation – marks in creating, these kinds of as commas, entire-stops (intervals), dilemma marks, etc. , which point out separations, pauses, emphasis, status, mood, possession, etc. , and which general manual the reader/speaker as to flow, indicating, context, etcetera. , of the textual content worried. Punctuation differs from diacritical marks , which show letter/term-audio pronunciation.

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